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Marketing for the electric mobility

Battery Replacement Will Be The EV’s Next Challenge

Fuente: GoranH en Pixabay When we talk about electric vehicles, we often focus our attention on their price, or whether or not there are enough charging points in a comfortable range to know if it will be a good purchase. However, there is another very important aspect to consider about this type of vehicle: the battery. Batteries are understood as…
Jesús Toucedo

EV Brands Are Not Assured Of Their Traditional Influence

We are witnessing a real revolution on the road, as electric mobility is intended to be the future of the automotive sector. Its accelerated development is being supported by public administrations, which have launched different aid plans to favor its implementation. In Spain last year, 17,920 pure electric vehicle (BEV) registrations were registered, compared to 10,041 registrations in 2019, according…

Key Points Of The Sustainable Mobility Law

03/06/2020 The Minister of Transport and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, during his appearance in commission of his department in the Senate. In Madrid (Spain), on June 3rd, 2020. ECONOMY Ricardo Rubio - Europa Press 25% of greenhouse gas emissions come from wheeled transport. For this reason, the key to the fight against Climate Change in the coming years in…

EV Interoperability, The New Roaming For Mobility

The fleet of electric cars in Spain has now reached 78,000 units. However, a powerful impulse strategy is necessary to achieve the goal set by the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan of the Spanish economy, which aims to reach 250,000 units by 2023. This is an ambitious number that will require actions in all areas, not only the legislative one. …
Clio Beruete
SpainVE Data Day

II National Survey With Electric Car Drivers News

As a follow-up to the first edition of 2018, our second survey regarding electric car drivers has increased the number of respondents (1,432 drivers) and the volume of questions to a total of 64 questions, many of them with corresponding sub-questions. The increase in the number of respondents meets the need for a sector that maintains double-digit growth rates. The…
Gustavo Franco

Electric Car Dealers Roll The Dice With The Internet

Auto dealers have to keep up with the issues facing the electric vehicle. In November 2018, All Media Consulting and Electromaps carried out the 1st National Survey of Electric Vehicle Drivers. The results reveal a series of data that, in my opinion, should consider all of us who are involved in accelerating the shift towards more sustainable mobility. Last February,…