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We help to create high-impact messages to be broadcast through top media outlets, newspapers, radio, television and online.


We create images, in collaboration with your ideas, to reinforce your company’s goals.


We provide advice concerning design, programming, business intelligence, social networks, newsletters and SEO.


Research, carried out by our consultants, allows for first hand market trends analyzation.

Media outlets where our customers were published


Smart City Expo World CongressEvents

Five reasons to come to Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Cities are evolving and we’re evolving with them. Today, urban mobility is a key challenge around the globe, and accelerating change to make transport more sustainable, inclusive and efficient is a top priority for worldwide governments. (more…)
Volkswagen eGolf Coche ElectricoUncategorized

Electric car dealerships take their chances with Internet

Do we dealerships have to get our act together on the issue of the Electric Vehicle? In November 2018, All Media Consulting and Electromaps conducted the 1st National Electric Vehicle Drivers Survey. The results of this reveal a series of data that, in my opinion, should make all of us who are involved in accelerating the change towards more sustainable…

How successful companies communicate in the IT sector

La Nit de les Telecos (The Telecommunications Night) was held in Barcelona recognizing  companies specializing in technology. What do these companies do to publicize their achievements? Which innovative communication efforts should be made to be promoted? Is simply being innovative enough to capture the interest of the media? The article below analyzes the situation of the winners of the most…


We needed our event became presence in the media because Barcelona is a very competitive city with excellent cultural options. AMC exceeded our expectations with more than 80 appearances radio, television and press at our event

Ana Bárbara SouzaBrazilian Day Festival in Barcelona

The press now refers to us as an authoritative voice on electric mobility thanks to the work done by AMC. They have managed to position us as leaders through interviews, discussions and reports.

Jordi TorrentINKOO Engineering

The AMC media strategy was key to finding a great opportunity during the heated debate of the tourist flats, through which we empowered a body of opinion in favor of responsible management of this type of accommodation.

Jordi TellGhat Apartments

Nobody knew me in Spain before I sought counseling by AMC, after our news media coverage was first class, thorough and it built a positive message that formed relationships with journalists.

Ekaterina DyuzhikovaPhotographer

AMC’s advice has been instrumental in my interactions with the media, they have provided constant support, which has allowed me to progress further and further as an opinion leader.

Erika TorregrossaSocialist Leader, former candidate for the Congress of Deputies

Solutions in web development and graphic design were implemented with a high level of execution and fulfilled during promised delivery time.

Marcia OliveiraOliveira’s Catering


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