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About us

AMC is the first communications agency in Spain specializing in companies included in the smart and green economy. Therefore, we offer an innovative approach to enhance the visibility of any project, service or product sector.


AMC creates stories that establish a permanent dialogue with all audiences. With the combination of the best narrative practices and communication skills in technology, AMC helps its customers tell the world about their success.

The influence of a brand or company depends on the quality of the awareness for its target audience. AMC partners with its customers to create lasting news that inspires their communities. We are passionate leaders in efficient communication.

In a world of 24/7 connected users, AMC opens the doors of technology for companies to improve their public relations by utilizing tactics at the forefront of innovation in the communications industry.


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    AMC has made the transition from a service company to a solutions provider in the communications industry that supports its customers as a partner with a leadership role.

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    To improve

    At AMC each client is unique, but the standard of excellence is universal. AMC has created its own standard service system for delivering results beyond expectations.

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    AMC’s core service is to create memorable stories that help companies improve and establish dialogues with their customers.

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    To collaborate

    AMC does not hire employees, but rather like-minded partners that enhance their skills by sharing ideas and knowledge.

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    AMC exceeds customer expectations as a reliable, deadline-oriented company which always creates quality work even in the most demanding of projects.

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    AMC promotes innovation in its customers. The investment of resources for learning new skills and hire talented people, attracts professionals with a strong vocation.




Gustavo Franco Cruz


In September 2013, Gustavo founded AMC to pursue his passion: telling stories. He has devoted his professional life to it, first as a journalist and writer for 15 years, now as a communication consultant. He works daily to create success stories for companies and individuals who are constantly in the news media. Gustavo also writes for El País newspaper and Interviú magazine. y la revista.

Miquel Gómez Simon


Miquel is a sociologist with a graduate degree in Communication Conflict. A lover of critical thinking, he looks forward to a new, slower paced and rigorous version of journalism by understanding reality and creating intelligent solutions.

Pablo Latorre

Pablo Latorre

PR & Journalist

Pablo’s everyday task is to brief media representatives and journalists about our clients achievements. He always find the right content for the target media and makes the best for give 360 degrees visibility to smart and green businesses.

Xavi Pérez Sotillo


Xavi’s discovered that he is the happiest guy when recording with his camera. Xavi would also like to travel the world with nothing but his camera and a suitcase.

Peter Thordal-Torrado

Business Development

Peter is always looking for the best business opportunities for the creative minds of AMC. He’s responsible for develop international markets and is based in Copenhage, Denmark.


The relationship between us and our partners is unique. Unlike other vendors, partners work with us hand in hand and are highly motivated based on a mutual agreement on the goals of your business. To ensure that this partnership remains healthy and strong, employees must implement appropriate measures to deliver a first-class service.

There are different approaches that can be used to manage this relationship. These vary according to where your organization is with its business life cycle and level of service integration.


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Virtual Reality & in-house programming.


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