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What do you know about communication for smart and green businesses?

By 11/08/2016March 25th, 2019Uncategorized
Miquel Gomez

At All Media Consulting, a communications agency for smart and green businesses, we start  a long-term project that directly involves technology-based economy companies. Smart and Green: This is our expertise will generate several reports to form a thorough knowledge base. We then use this knowledge to serve society, with research as its cornerstone.

Comunicacion para empresas smart green

We have created a model that goes beyond that of a traditional PR agency. Our proposals are more open, based on innovation and have the added value of finding solutions for companies that offer smart and green services. As a communications consultancy agency, we know first hand the market in which we operate and the needs and problems to solve in order to find success and create promotion for projects. With this background we developed a reference database where companies have a fund of useful knowledge and can find the winning recipes they have been searching for. By using this reference database, we strengthen our mission to provide smart and green businesses with the right communications. Additionally, downloading reports is free for businesses that collaborate and it explains their experiences.

What is smart and green business communications?

The smart-and-green phenomenon has been established as an industry with a potential future that is difficult to predict. Different companies and most startups are betting on smart business ideas, services or products that meet the specific needs of the twenty-first century, a technological, communicative and social era. This has a direct impact on smart and green business communications.

These new projects are called startups; however, there are other businesses with an important historical journey seeking the same objective. Both groups base their strategies on direct contact with potential customers, explaining that they have a solution to make cities more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Their marketing efforts focus on reaching these customers and listening to what they have to say, so the communication strategy is a key element in shaping business proposals. Marketing is already one of the pillars of the modern economy; not only for sales, but also to adjust production and services to new values.

However, a market innovation is always accompanied by a good amount of risk. Many new businesses pass through a primary period of uncertainty before consolidating their business efforts. This has to do with finding funding, committing to new ideas or concentrating in small, unexplored segments. The lack of knowledge is the main enemy of smart and green business communications because businesses bet on projects with little background information or credible references.

This is where AMC can make a difference. Real experience and useful knowledge based on real practices and testimonies allows AMC to discover solutions to problems in areas such as business planning, the strategy of communications, social media awareness, media outlets and community building.

Therefore, AMC begins with a series of face-to-face interviews and then launches an online form where interested companies can generate data and explain their experiences. As the database project continues to expand, AMC produces new materials, reports and documents to improve its knowledge of smart and green business communications.

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