National Survey of Electric Vehicle Drivers Spain (Summary)

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Free summary of the answers provided by 1432 electric vehicle drivers, located throughout the Spanish territory, in December 2019. It also includes the progression of the results compared to the first edition of November 2018. You can purchase the full results of the survey here .

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All Media Consulting, in collaboration with Electromaps, has carried out the second edition of the National Survey of Electric Car Drivers in Spain, which reveals the profile, experiences, uses and opinions of electric car (EV) drivers in Spain on various aspects of electric mobility. This survey had the participation of 1432 active users, most of them owners of an electric car, being one of the largest and most representative in Europe. The study analyzes the majority trends in:

  • The profile and daily experience of electric car drivers
  • The reasons and values ​​to buy an electric car
  • Recharging the electric car, experience, use and assessment of the charging infrastructure
  • The opinion of the user evaluating the changes, the role of the Administration and the recharge managers

The questionnaire with more than 60 questions has a very high representativeness of the sample in relation to the total universe of VE drivers. They are responses from direct, first-hand experience, distributed by provinces of residence in a balanced way, with those residents of Madrid or Barcelona obviously being the majority.

The study consists of the following chapters:

1. Foreword
2. Summary
3. Methodology and sampling

3.1. Location by provinces
3.2. Age ranges
3.3. Interaction with the survey
3.4. The gender perspective

4. The daily experience of

4.1. Car models represented in this sample
4.2. The reasons for buying the EV
4.3. Experience with

5. The EV recharge

5.1. Recharge in the territory
5.2. Recharge habits
5.3. The recharge fee
5.4. Recharge providers
5.5. The problems of recharging

6. The VE culture

6.1. The new values ​​of the electric driving
6.2. The pros and cons of electric driving
6.3. Driver’s expectations

7. The assessment of the Public Administration

7.1. The assessment on the promotion of the VE
7.2. The valuation of the charging points by the Public Administration

8. Conclusions
9. Annex


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